The early history of the RidgeRunners is as nebulous as the whereabouts of the Loch Ness Monster.  Like delusioned fans of Nessie, RidgeRunner officers are eager to prove the existence of the club in the late 70s, though little tangible proof exists.  Heresay, anectodes, and rumors are the basis for our collective club history.  We know plenty of people of knew someone whose neighbor used to be a runner during that time period, but locating these folks takes the exactitude of an endangered-species taxidermist.


So, if your former high school gym teacher’s girlfriend’s mother was a RidgeRunner in the early days, let us know.  We’d like to piece our information together and finally prove, once and for all, the truth behind the club’s formative years.  As for Nessie, we’re still on the fence.  Only time will tell.

Were you a RidgeRunner back in the day?  Contact us!