[RidgeRunners Club Meeting]|[October 10, 2011]

Members in attendance: Bill S., Byron S., Ernie F., JC, Jeniffer P., Jennifer R., Jennifer S., Jenny S., Keith H., Ken S., Marcella A., Patrick H., Riann D., Stephanie D-D.

Steph opened the meeting by thanking Dena Gillis for the extraordinary work she did on the registration forms.  She also thanked club members throughout the meeting: Marcella Amaya and Dave Gillis for recruiting post-race food sponsors, Charlotte Fore for suggesting and researching the Turkey Trot mascot costume, JC Campos for getting the t-shirts and medals, and Mike Cannon for his continued work on club banners and Turkey Trot advertisement in local periodicals.

Steph presented our current budget status and reported on racing equipment costs.

Seven votes were held throughout the meeting as follows:

  • Fifteen club members were present and 14 voted (according to bylaws Steph only votes in tie-breaker situations and thus abstained from voting during the meeting).
  • Create more race t-shirts after the early registration forms come in (11/4) – 10 to 4 voted yay.
  • Steph presented the pros and cons of the shirt situation and read Dave’s proposal to the group.  JC assured the group that the shirt shop still has the graphics used for the shirts and that the turnaround for shirt production is one week.  Early registration closes on Nov. 4, giving the club enough time to gauge whether more shirts need to be created to cover the number of early registrants, volunteers, and crew workers.  Shirts will only be created according to demand.
  • Create RidgeRunners business cards at a cost of $20 for 500 – unanimous yay.6
  • Reimburse the Gillises $100 for toner to print registrations forms – unanimous yay.
  • Purchase a Turkey Trot costume for $179.99 – 8 to 5 voted yay.
  • Provide music at the end of the race – unanimous yay.
  • Provide face painting by the Woodbridge HS Arts Dept (no charge) – unanimous yay.
  • Time issue for Thurs. night runs – 4 voted too early.  An email vote will follow.

The agenda focused on Turkey Trot items:

  • JC provided club with 118 t-shirts (large and extra-large) from previous race and enough medals to cover the next two races.
  • Distributed tasks to group members:
  • Jeniffer Pittman- register/order bibs
  • JC – order trophies and contact Woodbridge Wireless for hand radio rentals
  • JC – engraving on medals
  • Steph – race volunteer recruitment
  • David/Marcella – food donations
  • Lions Club – water station volunteers

Jennifer Rokasky provided a membership count : 11 individuals and 9 families submitted dues.

Race reports:

  • Woodrow Wilson 1/2 marathon ran by Mike Cannon and Riann Doyle.
  • Army 10-Miler ran by JC Campos.

After the race reports, the group called a number of RidgeRunners who haven’t been to group runs in a while to determine if the Thursday schedule was a contributing factor.  Several of the people contacted have expressed a desire to return to group runs and cited personal reasons for not being able to run with us.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

{Notes written by Secretary Marcella Amaya}

[Meeting with Bob Platt (RRCA Virginia rep)]|[September 27, 2011]

Meeting attended by David Gillis, Marcella Amaya, and Stephanie Dupal-Demartin.

We need to keep copies on hand of our certificate of insurance – can get it on the website.  (Completed – We received the certificate in an e-mail from RRCA insurance company.)

We need to have emergency contact on race form for participant as well as personal information and a signature on the waiver.


  • Need to save waivers for 3 years
  • Need to change our club membership form waiver and race waiver to RRCA’s version which has been approved by insurance company

Race bib – easiest timing method is to tear off tab on bottom

  • Can use shish kabob skewers for tabs
  • Create Excel spreadsheet, print runner name, age group, and race number on label and put on tab.  Rewrite bib number on both sides of bib tab
  • Can buy bibs through VA Runner
  • Road ID will give us free bibs if we give out their brochures –RoadID.com

We need to update our website “races” tab with date, time, and location of Turkey Trot and add our contact our group e-mail if interested in running or volunteering. (Completed on Oct. 4)

  • Update website calendar with race and registration information. (Completed on Oct. 4)
  • Time machines are a great race tool – it is a mini computer for keeping track of competitors times – cost is around $800.
  • Runscore and Raceberry Jam are programs to use to track times.
  • Only give a race number to someone who has paid.
  • First week of October – Race Packet magazine needs to know about our race to advertise it.  The cost for a full page ad is $200.
  • Jeff Van Horn at VA Runner is a great person to talk to about helping us out and possibly selling RidgeRunners Club apparel in the future.
  • Bob Scherf in Rockville, MD at 301-881-0021 is a good contact to get a quote on t-shirts.
  • LED clocks cost about $1000.
  • We need to contact the State Commission and pay an annual $50 to register as a non-profit organization.  Marcella will take care of this for us.
  • Bob recommended giving volunteers free t-shirts.

{Notes written by Vice-President David Gillis.}

[Board of Officers Meeting]|[August 9, 2011]

The meeting commenced at 7 p.m. at the Lake Ridge Elementary School parking lot.

It was decided that the monthly meetings will be held on the second Monday of the month at the Canterbury Woods Community Center.  Families will be invited to join in a potluck dinner.  The next meeting will be held September 12.

The evening run times will be moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. beginning August 16.  Future run times and courses will be discussed and decided at the next monthly meeting.

Road Runners Club of America registration and insurance will be handled by Dave Gillis.

Each officer needs to submit an officer’s biography for the website.  Each bio should be 100-200 words long and include a description of the officer’s hobbies, running life, and any other information he or she would like to share.

The new website has a blog section that needs to but updated regularly by the members and officers.  Dave Gillis will submit a blog post by August 17. Pat Lyons will submit a post by August 24.

All new members should be directed to the new registrar, Jennifer Rokasky.

There are plans in the works to create a RidgeRunners channel on YouTube.

The Turkey Trot 10K Run and 5K Walk will be held on Sunday, November 20, 2011.  LRPRA has already approved the race and the date. New race equipment will be purchased.  Each member is asked to commit to help with orchestrating the event, at least in some small way.

Molly Galloway is in possession of the Ridge Runners’ laptop computer containing email lists and other documents pertaining to the club and the Turkey Trot, as well as racing software.  Dave Gillis will pick up the computer and review its contents in the next month.

A motion was passed to increase the yearly club dues by $5.  Dues will be due on or after September 1.  Registration paperwork can be completed online, and members will be able to pay dues through Paypal eventually.  Club literature must clearly identify the financial purpose of member dues.  Dues will be $15 for individual LRPRA members and $20 for individual non-members.  Family memberships will be $30 for LRPRA members and $35 for non-member families.

Social meetings will be held monthly.  We may participate in volunteer projects such as maintaining the Occoquan trail and renewing the club’s adopt-a-road section.

The RidgeRunners will have a booth at the LRPRA yard sale on September 24.  Volunteers are needed to man the booth to promote the club and collect registrations and dues.

An open house will be held September 30 at Tall Oaks Community Center.

There will be another recruitment booth at the Fall Festival on October 29.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:29 p.m.

{Notes written by Secretary Sara Andrews}