<strong>Jake Boyer</strong>
Jake BoyerHistorian
Flash Fact #1: Jake Boyer’s favorite super hero growing up was the Flash.

Flash Fact #2: Jake Boyer spent seven years in the Army running most days because someone made him do it.

Despite all that, Jake came to running later in life, sometime after his 30th birthday and a couple years after he’d left active duty. He was living alone in a new town and figured there were worse ways he could burn 15 minutes after work. Fifteen turned to 30, and 30 turned to an hour. Before he knew it, Jake started thinking of himself as a runner, because he was hitting the streets on his own a few times most weeks. He’d even run the Army 10-Miler all on his own!

Then he got married and moved to Lake Ridge.

It wasn’t long before a friend pointed him to the Lake Ridge RidgeRunners, and he realized there was a lot more to the running thing. There were all kinds of people! And all kinds of runners! Fast movers, moseyers, stroller pushers; the group ran the gamut. Then the gear, and the training plans, and the trail runs! It was a little overwhelming, but it wasn’t long before the club sucked Jake and his wife, Melissa, in.

Now they’re both nuts. The RidgeRunners helped them through their first half marathons. It gave them support when they needed it, coaching when they wanted it, and friends whether they liked it or not. Truth is, they always liked it.

When Jake isn’t shirking his duties as the RidgeRunners’ Historian or doing everything he can think of to get out of being named the next Race Director, he works at the Defense Logistics Agency and serves as an Army Reservist with the 200th MP Command. He reads comics (although not the Flash these days, don’t get him started), plays with Melissa and their baby, Sophia, and listens to a lot of Johnny Cash and assorted other ne’er-do-wells.

Flash Fact #3: Jake Boyer’s not telling you his PRs, because he plans to best them all soon.