From our very own Colonel Mike Cannon:

Not that you really care, but since I blogged about my 2012 goal of running a race sponsored by each of the seven uniformed services, I thought I’d provide a quick update.  Periodically reviewing goals and adjusting them (if necessary) is one of the best ways to keep from losing focus on your goals.

It was a challenge to find a race sponsored by some of the smaller services (especially a local race), but I thought I had it all figured out.  Unfortunately, the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and the US Navy threw some monkey wrenches into my plan.  The PHS decided not to hold the Surgeon General’s 5K this year and they sponsor no other races.  They do help support a 5K in Nashville in May, but nothing else—anywhere.  The Navy, in response to the popularity of the Navy 5 Miler, decided to expand and run a half marathon and a 5 miler this year.  But to do so, they had to shift a week.  The 5 Miler now conflicts with the AF Marathon (for which I’ve already registered).

In the immortal words of Gunny Highway (Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge), I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome.  So, I found a Navy Birthday 5K at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling for my Navy race and will be running the Tim Harmon Recovery Run in Fairfax as my PHS race.  Okay, so it is not sponsored by the PHS, but it is for charity and raising awareness about Hepatitis C…which is a public health issue, so I’m calling it good.

I’ve checked off the NOAA race in March and the US Coast Guard race in April already.  With the “PHS” race in June, that will leave the AF Half in September, the Navy Birthday 5K, Army 10 Miler, and Marine Corps Marathon in October.  My goal suffered a bit of battle damage, but it’s still intact.  How are you doing with your 2012 running goal(s)?