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Makeshift Motivation and Race Registration

I’ve been nursing a knee injury since JFK 50 and I can tell you that I now view New Year’s resolutions and fitness motivation photos and mottos with a great guffaw of skepticism.  Let it be known that this rolling-my-eyes talk-to-the-hand attitude hides a serious winter bluesy depression. With motivation out the window and a body that feels more pain than pleasure with each running step, I feel like I’m the last person who should be leading the club or writing this newsletter.  Gone is the insane zeal that usually peppers Club News.  I’ve contemplated quitting everything.

What to do?  The answer comes from the wise words of a precocious nine-year-old girl with an uncommon predilection for reality food TV shows, who, while mixing her grandmother’s cupcake recipe and a strange balsamic-based icing, said, “You know, Mommy, you should never give up.  We never quit.”  With a bit of batter on her cheeks and a confidently arranged side ponytail, the girl had a point.

What exactly am I teaching my kids by not running?  I’ve been green lighted to bike on a trainer and to swim (the latter option being both expensive—I’m looking at you Chinn Center—and difficult for a non-swimmer like me) and I’ve done the bare minimum. When I say bare minimum, picture me on a bike pedaling at a leisurely speed called Riding Through Gently Rolling Tuscan Hills and Filling a Big Old Woven Basket with Roadside Poppies While Being Passed by the Town Priest Who at 89 Walks Faster Than I Pedal.  It’s capitalized because it’s an actual setting on the trainer.  I look even more un-athletic as I hold on to an armoire so as to not lean on the bike and […]

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