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Good for What Ails You

The following blog entry was written by Wednesday-morning warrior (and happy newlywed) Jake Boyer:

I started running because I was bored and lonely.

By started, I guess I mean “started seriously running on my own.” I ran plenty when I was younger, either a single mile or so once a year when either Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted me to earn a patch or a different single mile or so when my football coaches decided the team needed it. There were a couple individual fits and starts in college. Then I graduated and joined the Army. Of course, I did a lot of forced running over the ensuing six years.

God, I hated it. There were times it was fun. When I was a young specialist, my buddies and I would push each other on every run. But mostly, I just hated running. I’d get bored, my back would hurt, my knees would hurt, it was raining, the track was iced over; my complaints were endless. Yet somehow, I always did enough mostly to pull in a decent time on the two-mile run the Army insisted I complete every six months. I was never a stud, but I wasn’t ever in danger of failing either.

I left active duty in 2008 and joined the Reserve while I figured out civilian life. Finally, an Army in which they barely ever made me run! I still had to do that two-mile thing every six months, but that would take care of itself. I cruised through life, met my now-wife (many of you know her as Melissa), and watched my scores on the Army Physical Fitness Test trend downward while my weight – which I finally tamed during the last two years I was on […]

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