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Running (While) Away from Home

The following entry was written by our extraordinary May Day 5K race timing head honcho, Ken Smith.

If you’re like me, you are sometimes bestowed with the great honor of traveling for work. It doesn’t matter whether it’s near or far–if you’re spending the night, you’re left to ponder several points on how to schedule a run into your travel.

Last week, I was “away on travel” in Dupont Circle for Week 4 of a four-week leadership development program with 79 other people.  During the day, I’m loaded up with activities from 6:45 a.m. to around 5 p.m. Right off, that means that if I’m going to enjoy human interaction over dinner, then I have to run in the early dark hours, unless I can find some other folks who are also jonesin’ for a run after a long day of instruction. Normally, I’m getting up at 5 a.m., but I agree to meet colleagues and be ready to run at that time. They don’t know where Rock Creek Park is, so I offer to be the guide. The night before, I tell myself I want to run to burn off the extra calories and compensate for the lower daytime activity level, but the commitment to people was truthfully the only thing that got me out of bed.  I’m feeling satisfied. Two show up plus me, and I talk non-stop with a very nice colleague from Buffalo. The other guy has headphones on, incommunicado, reminding me of a slug sitting in the backseat of my car on the HOV. We go six easy miles and I feel great.

When I’m on travel in unfamiliar places, I try to stick to out-and-back routes.  I’ve had awkward experiences where four left […]

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A Journey to Running

The following blog entry was written by Patrick Howard, our fearless May Day 5K race director.

Since I was contracted to do a blog post for the RidgeRunners Club, I thought it might be interesting to recount how I got to where I am now, someone who willingly goes out in all sorts of temperatures to pound the pavement in my trademark deliberate (slow) manner.  I apologize for the length of this entry but it’s the only way I know how to tell the full story.

To summarize my youth, I was heavily involved in sports as a kid, baseball and soccer mostly, but being a more accomplished baseball player dictated that I would concentrate on that sport once I hit high school.  I also had a brief relationship with football in high school for which I didn’t care much.  Both baseball and football are marked by short bursts of sprinting and periods of rest, but I’d imagine the total distance run in any one game (especially as a pitcher or defensive lineman) is less than one mile and probably not close to that.

Once I hit college, I had briefly considered walking onto the baseball team (many of the pitchers were walk-ons) but found that I had lost the desire to work constantly at the sport.  When you compare that against all the newfound freedom I had discovered (mostly beer, parties, and women) my choice became easy.  My focus changed and I became a gym rat.  I loved weight training; I threw myself into it and was even employed for a time by the school gym.

To this point, my only real serious running training was one college summer with an old high school friend named Dan.  Dan […]

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Diary of a Wimpy (Running) Kid

January 1, 2012

We kick off the New Year in swanking style with a plastic-cup-and-apple-cider toast to the club’s future health smack in the middle of the McCoart Administrative Center parking lot. Luckily JC has a bottle cap opener (cheers to the makers of twist-off caps) and police officers don’t stop by to investigate suspicious early morning group drinking. The Parkway beckons and off we go on a long run marked by brisk weather and a bright rising sun.

January 2, 2012

I am running solo on the CCT and the Giles Run Loop at Laurel Hills and nothing is going right. I am feeling the burn of yesterday’s long run and the hills are killing me. Chanting mantra “Epsom Salts bath, Epsom Salts bath” does nothing to improve my performance. If anything, I’m fizzling down fast, as if in imitation of said bath. Note to self: change mantra.

January 4, 2012

Skipped yesterday’s group run on the coldest recorded day of the season. (I do suffer, after all, from achy bones and cold symptoms. And my husband refuses to care for me if achy bones syndrome develops into full-fledged flu after I return from a sweaty run.) Today fares no better yet I venture out for my usual “W-shaped” seven-miler (Hedges, Cotton, Mohican, Cotton, Antietam). I realize that I am attracting my fair share of stares from passing car drivers. Is my nose running? Am I suffering from spontaneous facial boils? I would ask a dog walker or fellow runner but I see absolutely no one on these streets. And I get it: They are looking at me because I’m the only crazy […]

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