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Runner-at-Large Posts from Idaho

The following post was written by our intrepid commando (yes, as in underwearless) and milk-mustachioed Runner-at-Large Brennan Kemp.

What’s good people! My name is Brennan Kemp and I’m a member of the Lake Ridge RidgeRunners. I am on the Cross Country team at BYU-Idaho. Idaho air is so different than back home in Virginia; the air is so dry here that walking upstairs winds me out.

For practice, we are separated into teams according to our class time and when we can join our group.  All teams are co-ed, with a ratio of four girls to one guy. I love it.  There are three time slots, and within those slots are one to two squads. During the practice I attend, my coach has us do harder and faster workouts (sprints, mid-distance, hills, long drills, etc,) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and long distance (6-7 miles) on Tuesday and Thursday. We usually run through the city of Rexburg then hit the fields going towards the mountains for our long distance runs. For our shorter distance stuff, we stay on campus and mainly on the track.

The weather here has shifted many times since I joined.  Back in September, we would run in 70-80 degree weather. Now it’s snowing and raining, and on average 35 degrees.

We’ve only had two races so far. The first was a relay where in which we ran 1.5 miles on a very awkwardly-sloped field and the second was a 5K that was mostly flat and mixed elements of the city with giant fields behind some townhouses.

Advice for running: Don’t drink milk or eat meat beforehand. Don’t wear underwear. Listen to a song you want to run to before a race, because it sucks when you get a random or crap song stuck in […]

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